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The Story Of Boutallion
There is a new story to tell, by the brand believing in the charm of our imagination.

Sometimes the journeys and experiences within our mind are more real than the ones we perceive with our eyes open. The ones we try to breathe life into. They trigger us, as we realise that they are almost as close as we want them to be. Unseen to most, hence we grow our ambitions and enthusiasm to evolve — to emerge from who we were.

Boutallion is the novel of becoming, as well the narrative of experiencing the change and beauty around, but rather within us. As we transit towards ourselves in different places, we meet the reflections of those selves that we earnestly aspire to be. We believe that these reflections, layered within our imagination will turn into the footsteps towards the moments we desire so deeply.

As a high-end fashion house, we specialise in neoclassic couture for the ones among us with a strong appetite for the luxurious and artistic; for those inspired by the vibrancy of our nature and those encouraged by the stories we share, to engage with the strengths of others. We cherish to reveal these themes in our works of fashion — assembling the unusual and authentic to design couture that echoes our inner passions. This eloquence of aspiration is core to the Boutallion brand: creating with materials that go beyond the ordinary to challenge our imagination unceasingly.

Together we form the battalion for new perspective — architects of imagination.