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Debut Collection
‘’Garden to Paradise’’ 

Imagine the garden you desire to explore — what defines it? The deep tones of green and alluring floral scents, or its nostalgic and transitional flair which reveals the moments you are longing to experience. 

As the garden is portrayed with its transformative beauty; a portal to the unreached, the hath and promised, it seeks to unveil the paths towards our ambitions. Where does it lead you? Challenged by the winds and changes around us, continuously — and guided by the flourishing nature of our being and the endless flow through the quadrants of our gardens — we emerge into whoever we aspire to be.

The ‘explorational journey of ambition’ defines this highly exclusive collection by Boutallion, which is specially crafted for the Dubai Modest Fashion Week. With the use of extraordinary materials, it is meant to be a reflection of our spiritual gardens: the ones we keep close and reimagine throughout our thoughtful pursuing.

Imagine the garden you aspire to wander

— what do you see?